Exploring innovative models, enabling risk-informed decision-making and fostering new collaboration to de-risk and redesign responsible mineral value chains

Risk in the eye of the beholder

As a variety of actors and stakeholders focus on risk in mineral value chains, from geostrategic positions to operational interdependencies and (mis?)alignment of interests, this conference will focus on threats and opportunities for the extraction, production and consumption of raw materials. We will discuss what is evolving and what remains unchallenged, misunderstood or under-explored in this landscape.

Innovating for new resilience

Following previous editions on Responsibility, the ESG Toolbox, the Just Transition and the Criticality of Trust, this fifth Responsible Raw Materials online conference will spotlight forward-looking redesign ideas for the businesses, linkages and operations that make up mineral value chains, We will discuss how these new models can mitigate threats, realise opportunities and connect with one another to create new systems for resilience, sustainability and shared benefits.

Mon 29 April- Fri 3 May 2024

Open to all, Free to attend

  • 8 sessions, morning and afternoon UK time to cater for all time zones
  • Convening innovators, advocates and professionals of all disciplines to explore ideas, debate and learn
  • 20 minute slot per speaker including presentation and/or discussion
  • All talks recorded and online

To propose your project, idea or topic for discussion, please email hello@responsiblerawmaterials.com

Responsible Raw Materials

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and collaborative
solutions development
for responsible
extraction, production
and consumption of
raw materials

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Meet the Speakers

(times to be confirmed)

Session One
Monday Afternoon

Sarah Gordon
Stephen D'Esposito
Doris Hiam-Galvez
Terry Garde
John Thompson
Andy Reynolds

Session Two
Tuesday Morning

Guillaume de Brier
Geoff Deans
Mark Burnett
Vitor Correia
Louis Marechal
Mark Camilleri
Geertje Schuitema

Session Three
Tuesday Afternoon

Diego Marin
Richard Herrington
Kate Moore
Kaisi Kabenga + Rodgers Mbaga
Pavel Verkhniatsky
Elly Shaw
Nicolas Maennling

Session Four
Wednesday Morning

Caroline Tiddy
Ana Santo
Owen Missen
Dave Lawie + James Cleverley
Kirsty Benham

Session Five
Wednesday Afternoon

Jeff Townsend
Sarah Binger
Rodrigo Navas
Murray Hitzman
Kyle Pearce

Session Six
Thursday Morning

Kate Smith
Marge Ryan
Jamie Strauss
Sarah Colbourn
Soad Chambazi
Marina Matarazzo

Session Seven
Thursday Afternoon

Carolyn Burns and team
Julie-Ann Adams
Miran Norderland
Jocelyn Fraser
Glenn Sigurdson
Anne Thompson

Session Eight
Friday Morning

Vanessa Richards
Ahmad Saleem
Mark Campanale
Darryn Quayle