2024 Conference: Critical Choices

About Us

As part of our mission to enable responsible extraction and use of raw materials we believe that education is incredibly important. We have tried to create a genuinely helpful, open-access repository of information, expert opinions and learning materials. All of the presentations our conferences have been uploaded and can be accessed here. We are proud of the selection of perspectives, and are constantly filming new talks. Let us know if you are interested in giving a talk yourself, know of anyone we should interview or hear from, or have any ideas for groups you think would be interested in contributing. ​We are also constantly compiling resources into our Learning Material section, but we also know that there are lots of resources out there not currently captured in this website – please let us know of links we are missing.

​We have a passion for open communication, and genuinely enjoy providing forums for this, be they in-house or public. Please let us know if you would be interested in us facilitating something along these lines for you. Our Learning Material page also has a section on how to run an online conference.

About Responsible Raw Materials

Global movement
fostering informed
and collaborative
solutions development
for responsible
extraction, production
and consumption of
raw materials

Convener and facilitator of open dialogue platforms including roundtables, its annual online conference and other ad hoc initiatives, engaging with a wide array of participants and stakeholders to leverage diverse perspectives

Manager of shared knowledge, including a curated repository of talks and learning materials and collaborations to analyse systemic issues, with the aim of disseminating information to allow constructive dialogue, enabling learning and fostering informed decision-making and positioning for all stakeholders

Informed and independent voice, creating consensus on complex issues and achieving adoption of shared solutions through advocacy, consolidation of proposals and coordination of positions among stakeholders