Marge Ryan – 2024 – Increasing Critical Metals Resilience Through Complementary Technologies


This talk will explore the concept of ‘critical metals efficiency’ as a corollary to energy efficiency. With batteries and electrification driving the intensity of critical metals use in the energy transition, there is a crucial role for co-existing solutions that bring critical metals efficiency, lower the overall intensity of use, and drive greater diversity in the suite of ‘energy metals’. This will create greater resilience in the energy transition as a whole, assist with critical metals security, and – particularly in the UK and European context – support industrial strategy. 


Marge leads platinum group metal (PGM) advocacy for Johnson Matthey and is a member of JM’s world-renowned PGM Market Research team. Over the past ten years with Market Research her focus has been on analysing the energy transition and its implications for the PGM industry. She also participates in JM’s wider climate scenario and strategic materials modelling. In her advocacy work, she aims to equip policymakers, innovators, and other stakeholders with the necessary insights into the PGM markets to unlock the potential of these metals to serve the energy transition, health, and environmental sustainability.