Matthew Grimshaw – 2024 – Choice is Yours: Red Pill or Blue Pill in Mineral Exploration


In the classic dilemma from The Matrix, taking the red pill reveals an unsettling truth, much like the revelation that most junior mineral exploration companies are destined to fail under the current model. This presentation challenges the industry to ‘take the red pill’ and awaken to the need for a radical shift from chasing short-term gains to adopt a more diversified and realistic approach. By breaking the incumbent business model and redefining what constitutes a viable and valuable project, we pave the way for sustainable practices that not only improve success rates but also align with broader economic and environmental goals.


Matthew Grimshaw, a Chartered Geologist with a PhD, has ten years of diverse experience in the natural resources sector, spanning academia and industry. His expertise in mineral exploration is highlighted by a specialisation in gold mineralogy. Recently, Matthew has shifted his focus from technical consulting to a broader perspective, concentrating on sustainability and risk management at Satarla. His work aims to bridge the gap between complex geological data and practical environmental stewardship.