Caroline Tiddy – 2024 – (Responsible) Development of New Drilling Technologies


Caroline Tiddy is an Associate Professor in Geosciences at the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia and part of the Mineral Exploration Cooperative Research Centre (MinEx CRC:  

Caroline‚Äôs passion is in developing innovative techniques for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to discover metal deposits vital to resourcing the green transition. Through industry-led research, she develops laser-based sensor technologies for rapid collection of geochemical data within a drill hole and complimentary data-driven tools to decipher geochemical patterns that aide in proximity assessment to mineralisation. Her commitment extends beyond innovation as she actively works towards understanding the sustainability of technologies and considerations of environmental impact and future workforce implications. 

Caroline is a strong advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion and is proactive in raising awareness about the need for women and minority groups to have a voice and position within the geosciences and STEM.