Pavel Verkhniatskyi – 2024 – Transparency of supply chains


Sourcing critical raw materials responsibly means clearly understanding how they are extracted, where exactly they come from, what are the links in the supply chain, and all of the related aspects such as corruption risk, sanctions compliance and AML/CTF issues. In today’s geopolitical situation when global powers are competing for military dominance where critical materials play a crucial role, the transparency of supply chains becomes even more important.

Enhanced due diligence keeps you safe and compliant within the fog of transnational trade ambiguity. It requires an in-depth approach to open source intelligence as well as source enquiries methods to clarify the actual players involved and identify toxic elements within your supply chain ecosystem, but not just tick the box through basic database screening.


Founder and Managing Partner at COSA, an international corporate intelligence company with HQ in Kyiv

Pavel is an expert in sophisticated integrity due diligence, compliance and anti-corruption issues, risk analysis and supply chain security. He leads research on country risks and conducts cross-border investigations on a variety of issues in multiple industry sectors, including defense, energy, tech, mineral resources and construction. Pavel provides COSA’s clients with in-depth understanding of behind-the-scenes particularities of business activities and country specifics with a focus on government-business relations, anti-corruption, sanctions, AML, and secure growth aspects.