Elly Shaw – 2024 – The Mine We All Want to See


Collectively within the mining industry, we all want to build a Responsible and Sustainable operation, but what actually defines the “Mine We All Want to See”? This talk travels the road from the Greenfields of exploration to the green fields of a successful mine closure, with case studies of some of the potholes that could be encountered along the way and how to avoid them, or prevent them in the first place. 


Elly is a Principal Geologist for ERM (formerly CSA Global), she’s been working in consulting for 18 months having spent her previous years working on mining projects and operations. 

She started her career as an Exploration Geologist in Mauritania before moving to FQM’s Kansanshi Mine in Zambia. Her production geology skills prepared her for the role of Principal Mine Geologist with the Trident geology team, who took the Sentinel copper deposit into commercial production and beyond. After leaving Africa she joined Anglo American at the Woodsmith polyhalite project as the Geology Superintendent before joining ERM in 2022. 

At ERM, Elly is part of the Sustainable Mining Services team which, with the expertise of their ESG teams, offers an end-to-end solution through all stages of the mining life-cycle.