Miran Norderland – 2024 – When Open-meets-Digital: Navigating Corruption Risk along the Critical Minerals Value Chain


Using open and digital data to identify and analyse transboundary risk. How can we harvest the existing potential to make sense of the noise? How can we contextualise risk and mainstream complex information? Furthermore, how can we balance the increasing misalignment between due diligence and risk life-cycle management for the critical minerals value chain? This is all related to our Dashboard-project work as part of the USAID JET Green Minerals Challenge and broader academic research on the use of open-digital data to identify priorities, preferences and emerging risks. 


Miran Norderland PhD is a versatile professional with a distinguished track record spanning various sectors, policy domains, and geographic localities, including significant involvement in geopolitics, risk, security, and critical minerals. He is spearheading the Dashboard project with Talisman colleagues as part of the USAID Jet Green Minerals challenge. The objective is to use open-digital data to assess corruption risk along the lithium value chain. Additionally, Miran brings his international expertise to Li-bridge, a public-private alliance dedicated to building a robust and resilient U.S. lithium battery supply chain.

Beyond his critical minerals work, Miran has made substantial contributions to track-II diplomacy, risk management, and policy transition. His involvement includes work relating to the Dayton Peace Accords, Brexit divergence, transitional justice, public sector innovation, and the Covid-19 response. Miran’s doctoral research at the London School of Economics examined the potential of open and digital data when identifying government priorities, decoding societal preferences, and forecasting transboundary risks. With considerable experience managing the entire philanthropic life-cycle, he was able to address complex issues by initiating projects in challenging environments.

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