Vitor Correia – 2024 – Rethinking Mining: Embracing Technology and Social Responsibility


The 21st century has brought to light the pressing need for sustainable practices across industries in response to the escalating threats of irreversible climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, poverty, and social conflicts. The mining industry, being a significant contributor to these challenges, is actively undergoing a transformative process to align itself with the principles of innovation and sustainability. This talk examines the approaches being developed by the mining industry, encompassing the adoption of new technologies and enhanced social approaches aimed at improving its often-unfavourable public perception. Moreover, it will underscore the vital importance of catalysing novel business models capable of de-risking and redesigning responsible mineral value chains from resource extraction through to end-use and recycling. 


Vitor serves as Secretary-General of the International Raw Materials Observatory, a non-profit, independent, international association dedicated to supporting global cooperation in the mineral raw materials sector. Additionally, he works as an independent consultant, actively contributing to projects led by the European Union and various development banks. Vitor has founded and managed companies specialising in mineral exploration, mine permitting, environmental impact assessments, and geotechnical services, accumulating over 28 years of experience in strategic management, innovation, and organizational effectiveness. He began his career as a mine geologist, and has worked on mining, geological engineering, and environmental geology projects across Europe, Africa, and South America. 

Vitor has been a member of the Expert Group on Resource Classification for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe since 2014, and previously served as President of the European Federation of Geologists from 2013 to 2019. He holds a BSc in Geology and an MBA from the University of Lisbon, along with the EuroGeologist professional title.