Julie-Ann Adams – 2024 – CRMs – Technical and economic possibilities in the e-waste and waste battery sector

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I have more than 23 years’ experience in the e-waste and batteries waste management sector in Europe having initially owned and run a large e-waste recycling plant near Liverpool and later a UK battery collection company providing collection containers, guidance and haulage and onward dispatch to various EU battery treatment facilities.

I have been a key player in the development and implementation of the WEEE and Battery and Accumulator regulations in the UK since 2005 and was appointed by the British Standards Institute as their Technical Expert in 2008 to actively participate in the development of the

EN50625 E-Waste Treatment and EN50614 E-Waste Preparing for Re-use standards. I am also an active participant in the Global Electronics Council reviews of the EPEAT Standard and also participate in the advancement of the R2 Standard in Europe, advising and training European operators of the requirements.

I was Europe’s first approved lead auditor for the Certification Body The WEEELABEX Organisation (2009) and set up a successful and busy specialist auditing company (Really Green Credentials) covering the continent of Europe. From that time up until the end of 2021 I performed or oversaw over 800 e-waste and re-use audits.

At the start of 2022 I gave up the auditing work as I was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA) – http://www.eera-recyclers.com and I now oversee the Association assisting the Board with the lobbying, financial, corporate, and strategic management requirements on behalf of the Members.

At the start of 2024 I also became the Secretary General of the European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA) – http://www.ebra-recycling.org carrying out similar management tasks as for EERA. The two Associations have many similar areas of interest and hence the synergy between them works well for this joint role.

I work closely with the European Commission in areas impacting EERA and EBRA Members including the review of the EU WEEE Directive and the Batteries Regulation, the Critical Raw Materials Regulation and the Waste Shipments Regulation. I also actively collaborate with similar associations on a global basis and participate as an official observer in the Basel Convention reviews impacting e-waste activities.