Martina Matarazzo & Sara Nicoletti – 2024 – Resource Matters: cobalt supply chain platform


The extraction of raw materials raises several concerns, be it because it might cause huge environmental damage, because workers’ conditions are often worrying, or because companies operate in political environments that are extremely prone to corruption. However, when asking companies what they are doing to identify and mitigate such ESG concerns, the answer is often that they are not aware of the identity of their suppliers, and therefore cannot exercise due diligence on their supply chain. During this presentation, Resource Matters will show its cobalt supply chain platform, which should contribute to overcome this issue and to create greater transparency and accountability in the whole sector.


Sara is anti-corruption coordinator at Resource Matters, where she works on several investigative dossiers concerning corruption issues in the Congolese cobalt mining sector. Her work is focused not only on the actors directly operating in the DRC, but also on ensuring accountability along the whole supply chain. She has also contributed to the development of the cobalt supply chain online platform with her research work.


Martina coordinates the EU and international advocacy for Resource Matters, focusing on advancing corporate accountability and sustainable governance for the cobalt mining sector, bridging the voice of DRC civil society and leveraging the research and investigation on supply chain governance to inform cross-cutting EU legislative instruments focused on corporate accountability (ex; CSDDD, CSRD, CRMA, CMR).