YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is home to all of the video content and vlogs which feature in the blogs on our talk page, as well as the live streams from all of our events. Videos are organised into handy playlists and topics.

Geological Reserves

Link to our sister website, Responsible Reserves. This is one of the ways that we are trying to directly action some of the changes that we believe should be made.

Conference providing

Tips and reference materials for providing an online conference, based on our experience from running online events.

Online courses

These links include a range of online MOOCs and courses which may be relevant to those working, learning, or just interested in the raw materials industry, or those interested in sustainable and responsible extraction and consumption.

Interactive tools & materials

The websites collected here are designed to be interactive, and allow users to explore concepts of sustainability themselves, through simulations, models, and games.

Careers information and advice

Links to reports and advice on careers in sectors associated with raw materials, as well as handy links for professionals already working in the area.

Teaching materials

Whilst all of the materials on this site are available for use when teaching, here we have collated some websites and resources designed specifically for teaching primary school- through to university-level courses.

Interesting reports

Links to a host of interesting reports from academic institutions, charities, and beyond, all of which relate to sustainability, resource extraction, and responsible consumption.