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Whilst the extraction of raw materials is a necessity for the advancement of technologies and economies, it is imperative that this process be conducted in a responsible manner. The shift in focus from profit margins to triple bottom line is one of the greatest shifts in recent times. Transparency in business aligning to efficient management of profit, people and planet has spurred the movement of adopting more sustainable practices aligned to environmental, socio-economic and governance good practice.

Whilst companies move toward the adoption of more responsible practices there is often a gap which comes about through management of data and practices within the company. Proper management of the data relating to consumables, waste management and other metrics, allows for gaps to easily be identified and for the reporting against standards. The best way for any large entity, with a multitude of sites and operations to manage and track their processes and their effectiveness is through an automated system. Integrated risk management software allows for the management of environmental, socio-economic and governance risks, whilst providing for a platform to easily track and report on indicators of the health of each of these risks.

The nature of ESG risks and indicators are ever changing as the field develops and as stakeholders’ and business’ interests shift. During a year, the focus may easily shift from disease monitoring to data integrity and security. This is where a configurable software, such as IsoMetrix, excels, allowing for these shifts and changes to be easily accommodated and reported on through the software. Working with numerous subject matter specialists and their various clients, the software has adapted easily with the shifts and trends, moving from a safety-centric and siloed approach, to a more holistic overarching approach, understanding that many risks are interlinked. This connection is an essential part in best managing and moving a company forward with a lighter foot, allowing for responsible practices to become entrenched within the company.


BSc (Hons) Microbiology, BSc (Hons) Water Utilisation, PMD (GIBS), Pr Sci Nat

Robin has 20 years of experience in the sustainability field as an environmental and social consultant with a focus on the extractive industries across Africa and the Middle East.

His key experience is in integrated management systems, Environmental, Social and Governance analysis, carbon footprint calculations, environmental and social risks, water efficiency mechanisms, environmental authorizations, environmental monitoring, auditing and feasibility studies, international lending requirements, mine closure, and the environmental and social license to operate.

He is currently Executive Head of Sustainability at IsoMetrix, an integrated risk management software provider.