Jeff Townsend & Kirsty Benham – Critical Minerals as a driver for Sustainable Development

125 Old Broad Street,




As the fourth industrial revolution and its accompanying power revolution drive the economies of the developed world towards a high-tech, smart and green future it is also apparent that this industrial change will not take place within the developing world yet.

However, the minerals needed as the building blocks for this industrial change will come from developing nations and therefore it is imperative that the drive for a greener, more sustainable economy and society in the developed world is not achieved at the cost of the people in nations still developing.

The Critical Minerals Association has a number of goals but two are directly aligned to this conference:

  • to share best practice with UK based or listed companies to help them meet (and exceed international ESG standards) and subsequently be a force for good in the developing world
  • to promote discourse and discussion around the perception of mineral extraction and its potential to be a leading driver for development.

The CMA will outline how and why it was established, the problems for critical mineral companies when viewed through an ESG prism and how as an industry association we can help companies and the sector be a force for good in the delivery of the Sustainable development goals.