Teresa Steele-Schober – Guiding ESG integration to mineral resource reporting – the SAMESG Guideline

1Managing Director, Uvuna Sustainability, Johannesburg South Africa

In 2017 the South African Guideline for the Reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance Parameters (SAMESG Guideline) which supports the South African Mineral Reporting Codes (SAMCODES) was published. This Guideline was a first of its kind for the international mineral reporting codes and it won a prestigious ISAR Honours Award in 2019 for its contribution to increasing company sustainability reporting in line with the UN Development Goals. The Guideline is currently being revised to align with changes in international sustainability reporting which took place since its initial publication.

The updated SAMESG is still being drafted, however the core focus of this update is to provide users of SAMESG with clear guidance on what the focus of ESG integration to mineral resource reporting should be at each reporting confidence level.

This presentation will give an overview of how SAMESG seeks to help companies reporting in line with the SAMCODES to integrate ESG considerations into their public reports.


Teresa has worked extensively in the mining industry as an environmental and sustainability professional. In her role as founder and Managing Director of Uvuna Sustainability, Teresa has drawn on the expertise gained throughout her career to add value to our clients’ businesses. Through managing environmental and sustainability issues hands-on at site level to writing reports for corporate executive committees, Teresa has learnt how to work effectively with the full range of disciplines and organisational structures the exist in multinational organisations. An experienced facilitator, Teresa enjoys working with groups to identify and understand the sustainability and business risks their organisations are facing and to then develop practical, achievable solutions. 

As Chair of the South African Guideline for the Reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance parameters within the minerals industry (SAMESG) Committee, Teresa works with other industry experts to improve the quality of mineral reserve determinations and valuations in light of ESG modifying factors. During her tenure as Chair, SAMESG was awarded the prestigious United Nations International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR) Honours Award in 2019.