Shiv Unka – Fireside chat (climate change, migration, the Lithium Triangle, and complexities of legal frameworks in ASM)


As we grapple with urgent challenges of sustainability and social justice, we must work together to find practical solutions that prioritise the well-being of people and the planet. In this session, we will explore key themes related to climate change, migration, and livelihood disruption, as well as the Lithium Triangle’s social, economic, and environmental outcomes. Our discussion will also cover the complexities of legal frameworks governing informal & artisanal mining and the challenges posed by global supply & demand dynamics for battery minerals in the transition towards green energy.


Shiv Unka is a Senior Consultant at intandem, a boutique strategy & innovation consultancy. His experiences span across multiple industry sectors including Defence, Government, National Security, E-Mobility, and Aviation. Shiv’s core expertise areas include decoding complex & ambiguous problem spaces, synthesising insights with deep qual & quant research techniques, and providing strategic analysis & advisory services. Shiv’s previous projects have involved exploring EV & lithium-ion battery supply chains and investigating the links between climate change & organised crime within critical minerals supply chains. His wider interests include battery tech, web3 + cryptocurrency, and sustainability.