Ruth Apps – How developments in gravity energy storage are offering a new life for mining assets to be involved in the renewable energy transition.

Business Development Manager, Gravitricity.

128 Pitt Street



Twitter: @gravitricity

Gravitricity is developing new novel long-life mechanical energy storage. Its system is designed to raise and lower a weight in a shaft for energy storage, using electricity (figure 1 of artists representation of the system). Uniquely for a mechanical energy storage system, it can provide <1 second response, meaning the system can provide ancillary services to electricity networks. Gravitricity’s system is reconfigurable (Power/Energy output), so can provide a range of solutions for specific sites electrical needs.

Existing shafts on active mines can be repurposed to make the site 100% renewable, and for sites which are closing or closed, its applicability is to give the site an alternative use as a renewable energy and storage development in its life after mining. This second application is especially interesting for stakeholders in eastern Europe, where the EU Just Transition is a significant consideration. We will discuss both these cases and the stakeholders involved, and how the renewable energy transition means there maybe life in old mines and expertise yet.

Gravitricity has just commissioned its demonstrator project, an above ground small-scale system, to test simulated engineering design (Figure 2).

Figure 1: An artist’s representation of a Gravitricity system

Figure 2: the rig of the demonstrator constructed


Ruth is the Business Development manager for Gravitricity, an innovative Scottish based mechanical energy storage company, that uses weights moving up and down shafts to store electricity. Her responsibilities are to develop strategic partnerships, identify priority markets, and many other things in a growing scale-up! Before Gravitricity, Ruth worked on the National HVDC Centre, a partnership between all GB transmission companies to research HVDC connections, to enable the safe secure delivery into the GB electricity grid, prior to that she worked for SHE Transmission on their climate target strategy and Environmental Discretionary Reward an annual submission to Ofgem. Ruth has an MSc in Energy Policy, and BSc in Geology both from Imperial College London.