Robert Palfrey – The complexity of ESG delivery – A case study of Child Labour in Uganda

Managing Director, Minerva SRM

A key feature of delivering the ESG ‘Social’ is to understand the complex nature of that space. Too often tools and methodologies are taken to the Social that are actually designed for dealing with complicated issues, rather than complex ones. In this case study of a programme to address child labour in Uganda we will demonstrate an approach to successful delivery in the Social space, relevant to the private, public and third sectors. We will highlight some of the fundamental mindsets that are necessary to follow such an approach and discuss their applicability more generally to ESG delivery.


Rob is Minerva SRM’s Managing Director. Minerva SRM provides bespoke social risk management services to companies operating in the most challenging social, political and conflict-affected settings. Our services empower clients to build and maintain a robust Social Licence to Operate, enabling them to optimise results and protect their business as part of their ESG commitments.

Rob brings to the team leadership, management and problem-solving skills gained over twenty years of exemplary service in the British Army. His wide experience of operations and programme management is complemented by his critical thinking and ability to communicate cross-culturally at all levels.

Rob has been retained as a civilian expert by the British Government’s Stabilisation Unit, owing to his strong technical skills, dynamic approach to problem-solving and ability to deliver results in conflict-affected situations. He sits on several boards, including being a Non-Executive Director for Human Rights at Sea International.

Rob holds a Masters degree in Social and Global Justice, a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and is a certified international peace negotiator. He received the US Meritorious Service Medal for his work in Afghanistan.