Ore Deposits Hub – a model for open scientific communication in the digital age

Ore Deposits Hub is a platform created in response to the COVID-19 lockdowns, as international conferences and events were cancelled around the globe. Our goal is to create an open platform for scientific exchange, without the limitations of physical seminars – costs, time, and travel. With a long talk format and question session from home or office, scientists and professionals are given a discussion platform that resembles a small group meeting, but with an audience of 200–300+ people!

The geological community’s response has been outstanding! In less than 2 months, we have reached nearly 2,500 subscribers and have speakers scheduled throughout the summer. This response shows the need for more accessible scientific communication. Ore Deposits Hub strengthens the link between industry and research professionals in economic geology. While international organizations work hard to connect scientists and students with mining professionals, communication between the different facets of our community needs improvement. Decision making in the information age should, and now can, be made on the basis of up to date shared science. Online seminars and conferences facilitate this by removing barriers and bringing everyone into the same forum.

The accessibility of online platforms naturally encourages participation of scientists from more diverse backgrounds. The natural science and STEM community thrives when incorporating unique perspectives and these virtual exchanges increase the opportunity for people from all walks of life. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for international travel, presentations, discussions and collaborations continue without the spectre of our carbon footprint hovering ominously overhead – an unnecessary cost in the digital landscape of the 21st century. As earth scientists and global citizens, we want to take every opportunity to reduce emissions and engage with our scientific community with a clearer conscience. 

Ore Deposits Hub and similar platforms are making big steps towards embracing these positive aspects of the digital revolution. Enthusiasm from the global ore deposits geology community indicates a willingness to change that will shape our world in the coming decades. We hope platforms like ours can serve as a starting point for an open, green, and powerful future of digital scientific communication.

Presenter Information – Ore Deposits Hub Team

Aaron L. Hantsche, Alannah Brett, Marion Grosjean, Tom Belgrano

www.oredepositshub.com, info@oredepositshub.com

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