Mark Palmer – Rip the plaster off or keep it on? Temporary and persistent institutional breaches, rupture moments and trust considerations


To better understand the nature of institutional-based trust in the extractive industries, this paper provides an understanding of the influence by business environments arrangements and competing institutional pressures. To manage significant investment in extractive business environments and across long life cycles and complex global value chains, we use the analytic of the Lammian ‘explain-it-or-change-it’ in relation to temporary and persistent institutional breaches. This paper offers a picture of the social challenges institutional actors face as they attempt to build trust in markedly different and contested institutional environments. It concludes by drawing out some lessons.

Keywords: trust, institutions, institutional-based trust, Lammy Review, institutional breach, extractive industry.


Mark Palmer is a Professor of Marketing and Strategic Management at Queen’s Management School, Queen’s University Belfast. His research explores institutions, clean technology use and market transition work.

Dr Nicola Barron is an adjunct faculty at Queen’s Management School, Queen’s University Belfast. Her research explores net zero innovation, entrepreneurship and market transition opportunities.