MAINE LITHIUM COMMUNICATORS – Catalyzing a discussion on Lithium mining in Maine


The Maine Lithium Communicators is a voluntary group of Mainers interested in helping our state become a true participant in the energy transition. The State of Maine has recently established the Maine Climate Council, an organization which is focused on the transition to a low carbon economy. The Council´s goals include fostering the value of Maine´s natural resources and natural resource industries.

Lithium is recognized as a key metal in the energy transition, due to its role in storage batteries, and a significant Lithium deposit has recently been discovered in Maine. However, Maine currently has extremely restrictive rules on mining, which would, as currently written, effectively prohibit the exploitation of such a Lithium deposit.

The Maine Lithium Communicators wish to catalyze a discussion about modern mining practices in the context of Maine’s strong environmental tradition. This discussion would include all key stakeholder groups. Our goals include the effective communication of modern, sustainable mining methods in order to catalyze a potential rethinking of Maine’s current restrictive mining rules.

Such a change, if acceptable to Maine’s citizens, would potentially permit the State to become an active participant in the energy transition, through the mining and processing of key materials needed for that transition.


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Norman Gridley is a Civil Engineer and a Risk Management Specialist based in Santiago, Chile, with experience in environmental consulting, mine development and operations, and integrated risk management. He is an Associate with Satarla.