Ludivine Wouters – Where Next for Responsible Raw Materials


From its founding event in 2020, Responsible Raw Materials has grown into a global movement, focused on making the extraction, production and consumption of raw materials truly responsible. To do this, the challenge is to engage with people from every background and profession, across every country, in order to understand as many impacts from as many perspectives as possible. This is achieved through global events, including an annual conference gathering of participants worldwide in online roundtables and forums, and the constitution of an open-access repository of information, including expert opinions in recorded talks and publications, online courses, interactive online tools and teaching materials.

Acknowledging that minerals will make possible the green technologies of tomorrow’s energy systems, and that simultaneously supply chain transparency and accountability will drive responsible practices in mining, export and processing of materials, Responsible Raw Materials aims to address the paradox of urgent need for strategic minerals to power the green energy transition whilst rejection of mining and its practices seems to increase.

As the movement is structured into a not-for-profit entity, the founders will aim to widen the conversation by reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible, and leverage this network’s great diversity to foster open dialogue, share knowledge and conduct informed advocacy.


Ludivine Wouters is co-founder and managing partner of Latitude Five where she is in charge of the mining practice.

As a strategy, governance and policy adviser with expertise in transaction management, regulatory affairs, government relations and permitting, Ludivine assists natural resources companies and investors in emerging markets. She also works on technical assistance programmes for African States, focusing on mining policy, governance and taxation, and assists donor agencies in the definition, assessment and implementation of critical minerals and responsible sourcing priorities, policies and initiatives.

Ludivine will be supporting the evolution of Responsible Raw Materials, joining the founders in structuring and growing this movement into an ambitious multi-stakeholder initiative and change agent in mining and minerals.