Luc Zandvliet – Making FPIC implementation practical; tested company approaches.

(Social Practice Forum)

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There is general acceptance amongst companies, lenders, civil society, and others that Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) applies, in specific cases, to corporate activities, especially where these impact Indigenous Peoples. Yet, little agreement exists about the definition of FPIC or well-defined criteria using which the companies can demonstrate that they have met expectations regarding the F, the P, the I, and the C. To add to the complexity, in many contexts where companies operate, Indigenous Peoples or traditional land ownership is not recognized by host governments. Against this background, companies get compelled to determine their path in applying FPIC in practical terms.

The FPIC Primer provides a compilation of practical company responses to some of these more complex FPIC related questions. It serves as a tool that should guide other companies in their journey to provide insights for lenders, civil society groups, and others into the practical dilemmas posed in the absence of clear definitions and expectations.


Luc Zandvliet is the Co-chair of the Social Practice Forum, a collective of 65 social practice experts who work with companies on social performance and human rights issues. Our membership predominantly consists of consultants working with companies and social performance managers working with mining, oil, and energy companies. One of the key objectives of the Social Practice Forum is to increase awareness about Social Performance.