Lisl Pullinger + Antoine Heuty – Revolutionizing stakeholder and community engagement for mining & renewable energy companies


Revolutionizing stakeholder and community engagement for mining and renewable energy companies

According to EY’s latest report on the mining sector, 40% of C-Suite Executives rate stakeholder engagement as the number one risks investors are interested in . Mining and renewable energy companies must demonstrate communication on the individual level rather than solely relying on the traditional approach of engaging local authorities.

Additionally, demonstrating human rights due diligence is increasingly becoming a requirement and a priority for many businesses. Effectively engaging community members and workers at the individual level and at scale is tedious and costly.

Lifa Communications – a strategic communications and stakeholder engagement firm – and Ulula – a leading digital stakeholder engagement and analytics solution- have partnered to simplify engagement and create powerful and inclusive two-way communication between companies and their stakeholder groups to augment traditional engagement. This system enables organizations to digitally and automatically manage communication and incident management at scale, providing real-time engagement data to alert organizations to risk and inform decision making.

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About Lifa Communications and Ulula

Established in 2013, Lifa Communications is a strategic communications and stakeholder engagement firm based in Johannesburg. Serving clients across the globe, Lifa has a deep understanding of communications and stakeholder engagement in natural resources and renewable energy.

Ulula aims to improve working conditions across diverse sectors including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, electronics, construction and more, by sourcing and processing accurate and timely insights directly from communities around the world. Ulula’s digital grievance mechanism is implemented around the world to enable global mining to effectively engage with their community members and workers on the ground. Ulula has engaged over 1.6 million stakeholders in more than 40 countries in over 45 languages.