Julie Rosa and Zak Wood – From Principles to Praxis – The SDGs as a unified framework for organisational value, risk, and performance

Julie Rosa – julie.rosa@dbkadvisory.com

Zak Wood – zak.wood@dbkadvisory.com

Over the last three years we have been developing and presenting in this and other fora our methodology for using the SDGs as a framework for what we’ve called unified value. The concept is that the SDGs, while written as an objective for nations, structurally provide a touch-point to a full range of activities that any business undertakes.

In short, they enable us to re-couple the ESG wave to the Economics of traditional business, in an E+ESG framework – Perhaps the best one we’ve seen.

The ability to use this framework for viewing all organisational activities has created all sorts of opportunities for improving operational effectiveness and risk responsiveness in a BANI world.

Our toolkit has progressed over the last two years into a set of tools which live on top of this EESG framework, creating clear linkages between forward planning (uncertainty, material issues, risks) and operational excellence (tactical visibility, leading and lagging progress indicators), using a clear and common language for narrative development.

This supports faster and more accurate reactions to the non-linear and incomprehensible world we are operating in – A focus on control and response, rather than probability.