Jeff Townsend – How can we build a working MSP if we don’t trust each other?


During this session, Jeff covers how in this brand new Industrial Revolution, one of the main problems is the lack of trust. There is often a lack of trust in the motivation of the critical raw materials industry, which can permeate into the political sphere. In some areas,  leaders are not happy to discuss the topic at the top level. So… how can we build a working MSP if we don’t trust each other.


Jeff is the founder of the critical mineral associations in the UK, Australia and the USA. He is regularly called upon to give advice to senior politicians and leaders globally. His background is in political strategy, communications and lobbying and has previously worked for FTSE 100 and S&P 500 companies.

Jeff was born on a mine and grew up in the mining communities around the world. He has previously worked for the SADC in South Africa and in Washington D.C. as an advisor to diplomats, Ambassadors and Senators on African politics.