Francesca Santinelli – Britney goes to DRC

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§ Ops I did it againWorking and living in Kolwezi (DRC)

o Historical mining town with relative opportunities and legacy issues

o Mining boom in 2010s with consequential increase in population and urbanization rates

o Coexistence of urban and traditional communities

o Changes in local governance after decentralization process

o Kolwezi is the place to be!

§ CrazyESG in the industrial mining sector

o Importance of 2018 mining code: standards and best practices

o Importance of local governance: same communities, different operators

o Importance of stakeholders: criticisms and opportunities

§ I am not a girl, not yet a woman – Example of artisanal mining and cobalt sector

o The “before” and the “after” of the 2016 Amnesty International

o LSM and ASM relationship: experiences and challenges

§ Stronger –My takeaways

The link between sustainability and responsibility


Born in Italy. For personal and professional reasons, I lived in Austria, UK and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A political scientist and international development enthusiastic as background, I am currently attending an MBA.

In the past years I worked with different organizations, focusing on community development, human rights and CSR.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, diving, cooking and hiking.