Emma Beatty – Legal Perspectives: ESG Requirements within National Legislation


London, UK


With increasing ESG performance and reporting requirements being asked of mining companies by investors and clients alike, companies are struggling to meet the multiple reporting templates and operational guidelines currently applicable across the industry.

Yet some of the ESG performance requirements being set under contemporary standards, have been applicable under legal frameworks in many jurisdictions for years. Additionally, legislative changes in mining and environmental laws in the last five years, have introduced a higher degree of ESG related standards in many jurisdictions. Thus, in increasing instances, companies may well be able to demonstrate aspects of ESG performance through legal compliance – providing the relevant aspects of the law are properly understood, implemented and subsequently reported under ESG performance.

Understanding how ESG standards translate into mining and environmental laws and, for that matter, how provisions of mining and environmental translate to ESG standards, will prove advantageous to companies and governments. For mining companies this information can feed into their ESG performance compliance and reporting. For governments, it can highlight the role that national legislation can play in levelling the playing field for responsible and sustainable mining practices.

This presentation will highlight some of the ESG standards found within mining and environmental laws and demonstrate, via three country case studies, how laws can be effectively used for the realisation of sustainable mining objectives.


Emma is the COO and Director of Research at MineHutte – an independent research organisation which provides legal risk analysis, ratings and associated consultancy services to the global mining industry. Having joined MineHutte in 2015, Emma has spent the last six years analysing and reviewing mining and environmental codes across the world in order to provide practical guidance and insight on legal risk and risk mitigation. Emma also plays a key role in MineHutte’s consultancy work, where she uses her understanding of the different approaches to mineral laws and governance to assist mining companies, governments and other industry stakeholders in navigating, understanding and improving mineral law frameworks. Emma has a background in law. She completed her master’s in Public International Law, with a focus on international trade and investment, in 2012. Prior to joining MineHutte she worked at policy institute, Chatham House and legal publishers, Chambers & Partners.