David Nyheim – Responsible Raw Materials in Practice: The Case of Afghanistan

How does a mining company apply the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains in high-risk contexts? And specifically, how does one investigate corruption-, hazardous working conditions-, and indirect terrorist finance risks in commodities sourced from remote areas in Afghanistan? Drawing on an anonymised and real case, INCAS shares insights into the complexity of sourcing raw materials from high-risk countries and reflects on the “should I stay or should I go” dilemmas for mining companies in these contexts.


David Nyheim is the Chairman of International Conflict and Security Consulting Ltd – and is the Practice Lead on Dispute Resolution and Mediation. He has 20 years’ experience in conflict resolution/mediation, corporate issues management, and human rights. David regularly consults for the private sector (Rio Tinto, BP, Statoil, TAP, Imerys, to mention a few), governments (United Kingdom, Germany, and Norway), and multilateral agencies (United Nations, World Bank, European Commission, OECD).

He has conducted several responsible sourcing-, and security and human rights audits in the mining, oil and gas, and energy sectors. This has included work for Rio Tinto over two years as an external human rights specialist and their subject matter expert in a group-wide audit of the VPSHR. He is currently leading a group-wide human rights due diligence exercise for Anglo American. David’s field experience is from over 25 fragile and conflict-affected countries in Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, and Central America.

Before INCAS, David worked with the European Commission, the Catholique University of Louvain, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, International Alert, and the Forum on Early Warning and Early Response. He is a published author, which articles on corporate implementation of the UNGPs (based on work for Statoil) and human rights in public health programming. David is trained in economics and epidemiology (LSE and LSHTM), political science (McGill), and medical sciences (Louvain). He speaks English, French, Italian, and Norwegian

Executive Chairman, International Conflict and Security Consulting Ltd. Valletta, Malta

david@incasconsulting.com +356 99179366

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