Covid19 Mitigation for Miners and Mining Communities

The mining industry has a history of needing to address communicable diseases that can affect workers and mining communities, like TB, HIV/AIDS, and malaria, as well as chronic conditions that can be caused by working in mines, such as hearing loss and silicosis. Covid-19 is, in that sense, something at least reputable and large-scale miners should be well equipped to address. 

How is Covid19 different from past experiences of addressing transmittable diseases? What are some of the risks that are specific to this disease? What are the implications for artisanal mining? And can communities be engaged to be part of the solution and of the verification and evidence gathering? Fredrik Galtung from TrueFootprint will share the solutions his company is working on in partnership with organisations like the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. 


Fredrik Galtung is Founder CEO of TrueFootprint (, a Cambridge, UK, based startup that works with asset managers, companies and people in local communities. TrueFootprint’s technology empowers people to collect data and take ownership of solutions to improve their lives and the businesses they work for.

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