Christopher Reeves – Reimagine elements that have changed the world

Our current global shared experience of the pandemic has increased the focus on our natural capital.

Paraphrasing the title of John Browne’s book “Seven elements that have changed the world” the global discussion on how we build back better with resilience needs to include the foundation, dare I say bedrock, of that system through re-framing the role of raw materials.

A greater appreciation of what a “responsible raw material” industry means will help with not just unlocking the impact of delivering these raw materials in a sustainable economy, but also recognising the value of front-line workers in any value chain, be they healthcare workers in Germany or miners in Guinea. The UN Sustainable Development Goals’ definition of impact has gained an edge.

The natural resources sector is a fascinating nexus where politics, business, society and development meet at the pinch point where resources exist in the ground in one location and cannot be moved, meaning you have to deal with people and environments around them.

Consumers and investors are increasingly appreciating of the intrinsic value of natural capital and ecosystem services tied to these raw materials and this is driving change in expectations, reporting and governance. 

Where are the opportunities for business and communities and what role can a responsible investor play? The role of government will change following an incredible demonstration of state aid to support global economies, they will be watching the value of their raw materials.

The capabilities of leaders are being put to the test whilst new technologies offer great potential as tools to enable a greater understanding of where and how our raw materials really do change the world.

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Christopher has over 20 years’ experience in the energy, mining and natural resources sector, working with operators, projects, investors and governments.

Christopher works across the full value chain helping Boards identify opportunities for value creation and reputation protection, linking civil society expectations, investor requirements and operator capabilities with some practical, front-line expertise.

His experience covers large corporate advisory, transactions and digital transformation through to front line project delivery and risk management.

Previously he was Director of Global Natural Resources at PwC and subsequently was Executive Director for International Operations at Digby Wells, an environmental engineering business formerly part of Randold.

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