Cathryn MacCallum, Daniela Serra, Jocelyn Fraser & Jon Russil – Mining for the Triple Bottom Line

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is the latest framing of the ‘non technical’ challenges the minerals and mining sectors face in their quest to explore and dig. While environmental issues are predominantly quantitative and therefore are regarded as understandable to the engineers, geophysicists and geologists that drive the sector, social and governance issues continue to be problematic… So what better place than the RRM ESG Toolbox for an experienced exploration geologist to ask three social scientists, specialising in social performance and mining, some difficult questions …..

The result: Jon Russill, Principal Geologist with SRK Exploration in conversation with Dr Daniela Serra Maggi (indigenous peoples and rights) Dr Jocelyn Fraser (shared value and stakeholder capitalism) and Dr Cathryn MacCallum (sustainable livelihoods and natural resource governance).

The first part of the session will focus on what troubles Jon in relation to ESG and exploration, with questions such as:

  • Why should mineral exploration and mining be more responsible?
  • When is it acceptable to say no or stop?
  • What needs to change for the sector be aligned to a triple bottom line?
  • How can benefits of a more balanced contribution to people, the planet and profit be realised?
  • Who should decide?

Responses will draw on Daniela’s, Jocelyn’s and Cathryn’s global experiences across the world’s six continents, followed by questions from the virtual floor.