Carlee Bekker – Governance: Changing Regulatory Demands from an Employee Perspective

Head, Product Stewardship Sherritt


Phone: +17806681059

Companies have been pushed to commit significant resources to ensure targets for sustainability, responsible sourcing and regulatory requirements are met. The regulatory landscape is an ever-changing, fast-growing arena with market requirements becoming more stringent. More and more global markets are turning towards a Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) equivalent programs. Every program has its own requirements for classification and labelling; retaining access to these markets is key to ensuring producers have a wide customer base to sell to and the administrative burden continues to grow.

As customer requirements and global regulatory requirements increase, my role within our organization is continuously evolving to meet these demands. I want to share my personal journey as Head of Product Stewardship and as a member of our responsible sourcing team to provide insight into some of the challenges and opportunities my position has given me over the last few years.


Carlee Bekker is currently the Head of Product Stewardship and a member of the responsible sourcing team at Sherritt. Carlee is acting on behalf of Sherritt as a member of the Nickel and Cobalt institutes.