Anna Poberezhna – No time to die – Unite to Thrive… adVenture is calling


The gap between what we extract from Earth and the value we extract from the extracted is uneven, as 40%+ ends in waste whilst 40% of global land is degraded, & 70% of water polluted. The cost of overexploitation & overconsumption of ‘all-resources’ resulted in all-systems failure with rather conservative cost estimates of $44tn = 50% of global GDP. Two Earth planets will be needed by 2030 if we ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Great news – solutions are emerging, sustainable opportunities are vast: business value estimated $10tn/year with a potential of 390M jobs creation (1/3 is in extractives). To unlock those, linear models of output-driven need to be upgraded to outcomes-driven, adaptive, shifting beyond the conventional supply chain or ‘free market’ perspectives.

In certain mining regions, solutions were more evident and confirmed i.e. in LATAM/Chile / S.Africa: the necessity for shared water infrastructure and circular economy solutions were on the surface, yet got proven after 2 years following all analysis; In others like Australia, and Canada- the establishment of supply chain partnerships and JV’s with local devt. corporations have become the founding basis for innovation & integrity.

During the last 2,5 years, we’ve experienced various landscapes, challenges & risks, but one common interest prevails everywhere – holistic wealth creation.

During the last 2,5 months (+8 years) we’ve also witnessed how neglected systemic risks can momentarily wipe all off.

Let Ukraine be the last chapter in it all & be the new beginning to the World Regeneration. One for All, All for One.

Will you come and join the adVenture?#


Sustainability fin&tech entrepreneur focused on natural resources value chains innovation, systems transformation & digital ecosystems creation. Founder of Smart4tech. Developing Resources Innovation Venture.

1st Ukrainian Woman Recognised UK Tech Talent.

Contributor Women in Mining, Minerals Diplomacy, Mentor @ Smart Water Network & International Water Association. Committee member of Sustainable Finance Live initiative. Fellow at Blockchain Climate Institute. Associate British Ukrainian Business Women Association for Ukrainian Refugees.

She has taken various supply chain-tech & fintech projects over the last 5 years from idea through MVP, pilot and deployment, building the businesses and business cases throughout these initiatives following a systemic incremental approach, including award-winning start-ups worth over £40M today. Co-developed concept of the 1st green building in Ukraine. Water innovation in mining, supported indegenous devt in Western Australia.

A published author and recognised speaker on sustainable innovation and finance, including TEDx , Responsible Finance, IWWA, UN COP24 (SIF Forum), Bloomberg Environment, Global Water Intelligence, The Water UK & Ofwat and EBRD publications and discussions. Anna is a recognised exceptional Digital talent by the UK Government. She has a strong background working with the private and public sectors.