Andy Whitmore – Transition mineral supply chains in the context of Scottish legislation


The talk will present the conclusions of a soon to be released report commissioned by Friends of the Earth Scotland to raise awareness of transition minerals and the environmental and social impacts created through their demand. It reviews their essential role in Scotland’s energy transition and how supply chain justice and demand reduction, including circular economy opportunities, can reduce their impacts.

The research focuses on the supply of lithium and steel, demonstrating the fundamental importance of these materials to Scotland’s energy transition. It explores solutions to reducing the impacts of lithium and steel, including demand reduction, guided nationally by consumption reduction targets. The importance of circular economy principles are explored. The research concludes with recommendations for the Scottish Government. It notes that by creating a strategy based on a global just transition and demand reduction, the Scottish Government could create a more materially sustainable and fairer future.

Talk on Unearthing Justice FoE Scotland report


Andy Whitmore is currently a freelance contractor, primarily working as finance advocacy officer of the Deep Sea Mining Campaign. Andy has worked on the issues of mining & affected communities since becoming a founder member of the Minewatch collective in the late 1980s. He also helped to found London Mining Network, where he  is currently co-chair of the organisation and facilitates the Transition Minerals Working Group. He has been Coordinator at Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPLinks) and managing editor of the Mines and Communities website.  Andy is the author of “A Material Transition”, editor/author of “Pitfalls and Pipelines: Indigenous Peoples and the Extractive Industries”, co-author of “Indigenous Peoples and the Extractive Industries: Towards a Rights-Respecting Engagement”, as well as various articles or chapters on similar issues.

Andy Whitmore – Co-chair London Mining Network


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