Amanda van Dyke – Metals for the Green Economy

Co-authors: Megan Stals and Alex Azpitarte

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The global demand of metals and minerals is likely to increase dramatically driven by two main factors. First, globally the transition to low-carbon technologies to combat climate change is already underway and is rapidly gaining momentum. Low carbon technologies are more mineral intensive relative to fossil fuel technologies. Secondly, the urban transition and economic development of 20% of the global population mostly in Africa and Asia. On average, urban residents require substantially higher quantities of metals and minerals throughout their lifetime.

There are two main takeaways, firstly that that metals and mining are absolutely critical to the green economy and sustainable global economic development and secondly that the mining industry must support the sustainable extraction and processing of minerals and metals to guarantee supply for zero emissions technologies and growing urban population while minimizing the environmental and carbon footprint throughout the supply chain. Thus, all new mines deployment should follow ESG standards.

Fig 1. Projected annual average demand of minerals up to 2050 under IEA Energy Technology Perspective Scenarios (Source: World Bank Group)


Amanda is the Managing director of the ARCH Emerging Markets Partners, Sustainable Resources Strategy. She has over 20 years’ experience in the commodities market and most recently managed a UCITS Gold and Precious Metals fund. She is the former Chairperson of Women in Mining UK and has published significant research on governance in the global mining sector.


ARCH, authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, is a specialist emerging markets investment adviser with professionals that have considerable experience of EM, private equity, asset management, legal and governance matters, gained over many decades.

Founded in 2018, ARCH is an owner-managed group which operates on a strong governance framework with a focus on delivering added value to investments, based on a risk-adjusted approach.

ARCH is a joint venture formed by JCH & Partners and African Rainbow Capital . JCH & Partners was founded by Johan Hattingh, an experienced EM investor and veteran of the Ashmore Group. ARC is an African financial services company established in 2015 by Ubuntu-Botho Investments (the private capital vehicle of Patrice Motsepe, renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist).

ARC is a South African registered investment holding company and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It seeks to utilise its empowerment credentials, balance sheet strength, the business track record of its leadership team and its brand to invest in financial services distribution businesses; to take strategic equity stakes in underlying financial services providers; and, to acquire majority or significant minority interests in non-financial services businesses.

JCH & Partners consists of partners who bring a wealth of experience in emerging markets and private equity to ARCH. The partners representing JCH & Partners have years of proven track record strengthening the ARCH offering and a number of senior executives within ARCH have been founders of numerous asset management start-up businesses, representing international and global operations.

The combination of ARCH’s existing and planned network of operational offices across target regions supports the intended significant geographic reach of the Fund. Due diligence plans to involve experts are on the ground ensuring decisions, investments and execution of recommendations are made using robust, timely and relevant information.

ARCH has launched and is advising on investments for two Africa-focused funds (Renewable Energy and Cold Chain Solutions)

Amanda Van Dyke

Amanda van Dyke joined ARCH in 2020 and is responsible for developing the Sustainable Commodities strategy. Amanda has over 20 years’ experience in the commodities market and most recently managed a UCITS Gold and Precious Metals fund. She has also published significant research on governance in the global mining sector.